Senior Pastor

Pastor Ruff was born in Seattle, WA, on Augus 29, 1979. The second child of Daniel and Edith Ruff. However, he only lived there for a short while. From there, he moved to Forth Worth, TX staying there only a short while also. He spent most of his childhood in Fresno, CA, and after 8th grade, he moved to Hanford, CA. We lived there in Hanford until after college. 
After high school, I went to Oakwood College now a university. Stayed until I obtained a B.A. in Theology. Later he completed an M.A. in Pastoral Studies also from Oakwood University. Currently, he is in the process of completing a second M.A. in Theological Studies from La Sierra University. 
He married his wife Sarai July 27, 2008, and was were blessed with a son Elijah in June of the following year. Since his birth, we have added two other children to the family Ezrah 6 and Hannah 3. Both born at the end of March 2013 and 2016 respectively. 
Hananiah gets the most joy in ministry when he sees qualitative changes in people’s lives. Falling in love with Jesus was the best thing he ever did, and he wants others to have that same experience. Thus, he has enjoyed preaching and teaching spiritual growth and development. He desires to demonstrate how simple it is to begin the process of intentional spiritual growth. He encourages everybody to start and watch where the Holy Spirit takes them as their love for God deepens. 

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