Leader: Roberta Evans  

Goals:  The church elects an education secretary to promote and generate support for Christian education. The secretary is a member of the Home and School Association executive committee and works in cooperation with the association.

Home and School Association—A church with a school shall establish a Home and School Association, the purpose of which is to provide parent education and unite the home, the school, and the church in endeavors to provide Christian education for the children. Parents of students, school patrons, and church members should be encouraged to be active members of the association.  Home and School Association officers shall be a leader, assistant leader, secretary-treasurer, librarian, and the educational secretary. (See p. 172.) To LOCAL CHURCH OFFICERS AND ORGANIZATIONS 87 give continuity, some of the officers should be elected for second terms. All shall be members of the church.

The leader of the association shall be a member with success in training children, whose mind is open to new ideas, and who believes in the importance of Christian education.

The secretary-treasurer keeps the records of the association and reports to the director of the conference education department at the beginning and end of each school year. Association funds are channeled through the church/school treasurer, kept as a separate account, and audited under denominational policy.

The principal is an ex officio member of the Home and School Association committee.